We've been hard at work changing how Opal blocks apps. Over the last few months we've implemented a brand new layer for controlling how apps are blocked on your phone, making Opal more reliable than ever.

Are you ready to test it?

We're looking for 10-20 people who use Opal daily to help test this new functionality this week. As with any large change, we expect some teething issues. If you're happy to help us shape the future of Opal by giving feedback and you don't mind if some parts of Opal break we'd love your help.

We also have some new improvements inside Opal like a brand new tab that groups together all of your blocking in one place.

If you're interested in helping us test, please reply to this and we'll send you an invite link.

Instructions to join

Join the Opal: Screen Time for Focus beta

Please note: the Beta will likely be shut down after a few weeks by which point you will be asked to switch back to the regular app on the app store.

Thank you!